HOYMAbit is home concerts, home made food, and genuine hospitality in an actual Faroese family home featuring one of these leading Faroese artists:
Eivør, Kári Sverrisson, Hanus G. Johansen, Guðrið Hansdóttir, Hogni, Marius Ziska, Lyon. 
The homemade traditional food tasters are prepared and served by the very crofter who raised the animals harvested the potatoes. Plus local drinks, coffee, and homemade dessert.
Set in the home of glass artist Sædis Eilifsdóttir, we also get to visit her glass workshop.

Hoyma means ‘home’ and bit means ‘bite’. HOYMAbit is organized by G! Grunnurin (G! Festival, HOYMA) and hosted by Jón Tyril one of the founders of G! Festival, Grót and HOYMA